Why You Should Study The High-Yield Stuff FIRST!

Why You Should Study The High-Yield Stuff FIRST!

“STUDY HARD!”, they said...🤓

“GET INTO MEDICAL SCHOOL!”, they said...🤔

“YOU'LL BE A DOCTOR ONE DAY!”, they said...👨🏻‍⚕️🎓👩🏻‍⚕️


So, naturally, you took the necessary steps:

✅You submitted your college applications…

✅You sat their entrance exams…

You FINALLY got an offer, and you snapped it up…

✅And now you’re definitely going to be a DOCTOR one day, right??…


Except now that you've started studying, you realised one thing: IT’S NOT THAT SIMPLE! 😰

And why should it be?? They don’t just give medical degrees to anyone! 🧐

We know from experience that the mountain of content that med students are expected to consume and retain is beyond the capacity of any mere mortal!

We also know that even if you spent every waking hour of every day studying, it would still be impossible to cover everything. 

So, what’s the ONE KEY to passing your exams and turning that DREAM of becoming a doctor into a reality?…🤔



But what does that mean?... Basically, it means focusing on all the critical foundation topics (the 'big rocks') FIRST, before delving deeper into too much extra detail (the 'sand'). 

Because if you fill your jar with sand first, there'll be no room left for the big rocks! 

Seems simple in theory, however, how do you actually know what's “High-Yield” and what’s superfluous minutia? 🙇🏻

Unfortunately, until you actually become a Doctor, you kind of have no choice but to assume that you have to know EVERYTHING, right??…

WRONG!! 🤨...

This compulsion to 'know everything' is the BIGGEST TRAP that condemns countless medical students to a life of “TIME-POVERTY”, STRESS, & BURNOUT. 🔥☠️

Here at MedStudentNotes.com , our mission is simple: To lift as many medical students OUT of “TIME-POVERTY” as possible, and help them become the best clinicians they can possibly be!!…🌈📈😎🎓

We’ve been where you are, and done what you're doing! We’ve studied what you’re studying! We’ve passed exams similar to yours! And yes we are now successful Doctors!!…

And no, not everything we learned in med school was useful or relevant to clinical practice! 🤗

So with the benefit of our 20:20 hindsight, we have created the most comprehensive range of 'High-Yield' study notes available anywhere on the internet today! 📑

That’s right, we’ve done ALL the legwork for you! ✅


We have distilled ALL of the most important topics, concepts and principles from med school, AND arranged them into a HIGH-YIELD collection of succinct, beautifully-illustrated and downloadable study notes. 🤓

AND, to top it off, we have made them as affordable as possible! 🙏💸



  1. Not having to waste time sifting through superfluous information in text books or lecture slides. 🧑🏻‍🏫📚
  2. Using all that extra time and energy to socialise, keep fit, or even hold a casual job; while simultaneously GETTING THE EDGE in your exams!…💃🏻🕺🏻


Check out our range of Study Notes right now and see which of our notes are most relevant to you! 📲 

And yes, our notes cover all topics within each of the major bodily systems:


We also have some standalone notes on other related subjects such as:



  • ✅Succinct
  • ✅Neatly Summarised
  • ✅Logical Bullet-Points
  • ✅Richly Illustrated
  • ✅Appropriate Level of Detail
  • ✅Ready-To-Print PDF Format


JUST THINK…if all we did was reduce your study-load, eliminate stress, and prevent burnout, wouldn’t it be worth it?? 🤗

From all the team here at MedStudentNotes.com , we wish you the utmost success in your studies and truly believe that you can (and will) change the world!

Best wishes, 

MedStudentNotes Team 

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